About Us

We were married in our hometown inside the church where we met by a close friend of my Grandfather’s.   Ben was serving the military as an enlisted Infantry guy at Fort Lewis, WA.  Kay was attempting to get a business degree in a small Iowan school.

In the sixteen years we have been married we have: lived in nine states, we have moved ten times, we have been gifted with five children, we have done nine years of schooling and have two degrees to show for it!

We enjoy hiking, playing family games, watching movies, good coffee, and great food.  Ben loves history and has infected his whole family with the joy of history hunting.  We make the most of our nomadic lifestyle and visit all the local history we can get our family van to!  We also enjoy the variety of topography God has created in this great country of ours.

IMG_1475IMG_0102DSC00155DSC00225 Thank you for stopping by, would you be willing to sign our guestbook?  Come again anytime!

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