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It’s that time of year… the days are getting shorter, the nip is in the air, the leaves are golden and most have fallen, high school and college football season is in full swing… it is October! That of course means it is once again time for Christians to decide whether or not they will participate in Halloween.
Arguments can be marshaled on either side of the question. For the sake of transparency let it be noted that I believe that the side which says Christians should NOT participate in Halloween seems stronger. After all, the combination of history and even a cursory reading of Scripture reveal that 1) Halloween is an unapologetically pagan celebration and 2) God unequivocally condemns his people’s participation in pagan celebrations. Arguments for participation in Halloween almost always come down to “it is fun to celebrate Halloween!” For a serious minded Christian, the “it’s fun” argument doesn’t cut it.
If you want to celebrate something on October 31, might I recommend celebrating something truly worthy of remembrance?
You see, once upon a time Christians were enslaved to an ecclesiastical system that went to great lengths to keep the Gospel from the people and in so doing amass great power, wealth, and influence for itself. Untold millions lived and died sincerely believing in this “church” to save them.

And then, in the “fullness of time,” our Lord raised up a man to do battle with this oppressive regime. After years of intense spiritual struggle the Holy Spirit had opened his eyes to see the truth of the Gospel in the pages of Scripture. He was simultaneously a brilliant scholar, passionate preacher, and a courageous and unrelenting leader. His name was Martin Luther. And on October 31, 1517 he’d had enough and he nailed to the Wittenburg castle church door 95 propositions to which he challenged church leaders to debate. The sound of that hammer driving those nails was heard around Europe, and soon a full-scale movement was underway. We know of that movement as The Reformation. It was a time in which the Gospel and many other truths (like the supremacy of Scripture!) were recovered for the true churches and Christians.

In many ways, October 31 is for the Christian what July 4 is for the American.
So on October 31 of this year, instead of celebrating Halloween why not celebrate Reformation Day? What could be more worthy of remembering than Christ’s faithfulness to build His church and the Holy Spirit’s work to lead the church into truth and light?

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. – Philippians 4:8