I like to think that I’m very thankful person or at least a very positive person. But with the rough start to our homeschool year and still in a cast from a fall, I have found that at times being thankful is a discipline, not always natural inclination. So I am going to be thankful. I am thankful that Theresa began this carnival, I am thankful that it continues with Lisa, and I am thankful that I do have things to be thankful for!

There are probably several reasons why it is occurring but I have been very weepy lately. I feel very much like my wings have been clipped, I have sort of been stuck inside the house for weeks now, it is been a challenging year for homeschool so far, and several other wah-wah-wah reasons I could go on and on about.

Each time my tears well up my husband is there to hold me and hug me and tell me it’s going to be okay.  I am actually going to spend this ‘thankful post’ to tell my husband how thankful I am that he is mine and he is in my life!! Because, as most fallen human beings do, I tend to focus on negatives and not positives.

1. Thank you for being faithful for these nearly 16 years.

2. Thank you for creating a home where ever our education led us and the army sent us.  You have always made it a priority to unpack, get pictures on the wall, and made every living space feel like home for our family. Thank you!

Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

3. I know that I often claim that I don’t need you around, but it is not true. This broken arm has taught me that I need to admit that what I say in anger is completely wrong! Please forgive me for those prideful moments of anger.

4. Thank you for the years of patience that you have bestowed upon me. God is indeed patient with me and forgives me for my sins. The Bible tells us that I must show these qualities to you as well.

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5. Thank you for being traditional, old-fashioned, and just plain stubborn about working through the issues that have popped up in our marriage. I am looking forward to our 65th anniversary 😉

Lord, thank you for this man that you have given me. Thank you for creating in him the kind of stubborn, steadfast, and strong-will man that would match my personality perfectly. I pray that you will grant as many more years to refine each other and rest in this beautiful marriage you have blessed us with!

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