Are you looking for a typing curriculum or a fun way for your students to learn keyboarding?  I recently found a FREE typing class that fits my homeschool family to a ‘T’.

Typing Club can be found within Google Chrome’s ‘educational’ group.  You can get to it outside of Chrome by the link provided above.

You can sign up to register your homeschool.

Once you register, you will be sent an email notifying you of your special school URL.  The teacher (that’s you) can sign in to the teacher’s portal to choose lesson specifics, what requirements you expect for each child to perform at each lesson, and can track their typing lessons.  Each child can be assigned a user name and password for their classes.  If they are still young, you can sign them in yourself.

In the teacher’s portal I can track progress and see how long the student was on, how many times they attempted each lesson, and what their individual progress is.

I have been doing this a couple weeks now and I have not received any spam email from them.

This program is currently free because they are still working on the software.  They will give warning when and if fees will ever be required.  However, as long as it is free, I am trying to let as many people know as possible!!!

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