Are you guys having a ‘fun’ week?  Yea, us too 😉  I love holidays, I love to travel, but I don’t love getting back into the swing of things with daily schedules and schooling.

We had a pretty tense trip hom to family and it is showing itself with the kids.  Kids are a wonderful barometer for familial relationships.  When things are great and calm at home, there are calm kids.  When things are tense and charged, I get tense and charged kids.  We relaxed a bit Monday, yesterday I had a child doing school right up to and a bit after supper.  We also ran out of black ink for the printer, Wal-Mart didn’t have any, so I had to hand write their school assignments.  I know right???  Who writes anymore?? 😉

My plan for today is to ignore all electronics and we will all focus on the task at hand… homeschooling!  I need to focus to example it to my children.  I was wondering what your tactics are for getting back into the swing of things with school after a break?