Happy Friday folks!!  Just a friendly reminder: clean the lint trap of your drier and the dryer vent cover at the exhaust.  You don’t want to burn out your heating coil/element like we did a couple of weeks ago.  Drying clothes ‘old school’ sure does take a while when you have a house full 😉

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

This week we learned about the Patriarchs of the faith.  Starting with the calling of Abram, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  Our readings came from the Bible and our ‘literature’ came from the Turner movie series that we happen to already own (the Joseph movie is EXCELLENT).  So I sort of felt like I was cheating this week, really, because I had all this time while they were watching their history movies to sort through dressers and clothing bins.  We had a crazy cold snap here in MD, so the winter stuff came out and I cleared out small clothes from the kids’ rooms.  I love getting projects done, but clothing swap is not one of my favorites to do.  Bins everywhere and multiple trips on stairs 😦

My 4 yr old brought this to me for translation, so if any of you are gifted in foreign languages, feel free to help out!!  He placed it on my desk and asked me to read it 😉

“EFC3456. W.W.JM34982456”

I can’t help but feel a bit proud of my daughter this week.  I was typing up a test on the computer while I had a mix of country music on the computer.  Zach Brown Band came on with ‘Walking Away’ and my daughter said, “That’s a stupid song, how can he fall in love when he doesn’t know anything about her?”

Of course, the very next day this is the child who wanted to argue with me about the directions on her workbook pages 😦  Today (Friday) she chose to argue with me about Abraham and his sons.  She said that Ishmael was not of Abraham’s blood.  I know she was trying to get at the concept that he was not the chosen line of God’s covenant, but she chose to continue raising her voice about Ishmael NOT being Abraham’s blood son.  Do you have a strong-willed child in your homeschool?  Any pointers here?

A friend of mine sent me this link for a fun PBS game where you can actually upload a pic of your own dog to play with in the game.  My kids loved it!!  It’s called Dogtags.

It ended up being a very tense week when I found that my oldest had chosen to just blow through his math, not asking for help, guessing what instructions said, and skipping what he didn’t ‘get’.  I spent an hour on Wednesday because of this.  Very unhappy mommy.

We are also struggling through that phase of the 6 yr old boy’s school life where he would rather draw little ditties in the margins of his paper instead of actually doing his work.  It was no fun to get my oldest through those years, I should have known it was coming, but was still not prepared.

I am looking forward to reading how school is going with you all too!!