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A Kid’s Life for Me”

Fall Family Day at Tryon Palace529 South Front StreetNew Bern, NCA Time Travel Adventure

Saturday, October 159:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  Regular admission

Time travel to the 18th and
19th centuries and experience the adventure of being a kid when North Carolina
history was just beginning. All ages will enjoy interactive crafts and
activities that make history come alive. Visit the past using the technology of
the future at the new North Carolina History Center. And walk through our
historic buildings and beautiful gardens throughout the day where you’ll be
joined by historic characters as you experience what it was like for a kid to
live, work, and play in the North Carolina of centuries ago.

Crafts: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m
– Make a
cornhusk doll, clay marbles and a marble pouch. Do you know what a thaumatrope
is? It’s a popular 19th-century optical illusion, and you can make

Historic Entertainment: 1:00 p.m

–  Experience the early 20th century’s Golden Age of Radio,
when families used to gather round the radio for their favorite shows. A live
cast of voice actors and sound effects artists perform “The Monkey’s Paw”, an
adaptation of W. W. Jacobs’ harrowing tale of three wishes gone horribly wrong!
The Tryon Palace Players perform this thrilling adventure on stage in beautiful
Cullman Performance Hall at the North Carolina History

We visited Tryon Palace while we lived in NC, and the kids had a ball!!  They did colonial crafts, heard a fife & drum corps, as well as learn period dances.  If you happen to be close enough to participate, I highly recommend it!