Top Ten {Tuesday}I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it… I know, I know, I know, I know you’ll like it!! Ok, talk about flash back, but I am truly excited about some things and that is what I am sharing for my Top Ten Tuesday!

10. I am so excited to have planned out a great little getaway for Hubby and me!!  Yes, we have to get the details hammered out for the 5 kids care, but the planning is so much fun!!  We are looking at 15 yrs this next anniversary, we would like to make it a big one 😉

9. I am so excited that my dog was found by a sweet lady on Friday.  He was missing from our home for almost 6 hours and that was a horrible 6 hours for me.  He is my furr-baby!!

8. I am so excited that my kids seem to be LOVING the new curriculum we chose this year for our homeschool.  I really can’t tell you how exciting that is!!

7. I am so excited that my cousin and closest friend has found a delightful life mate at long last.  I was married very young (by today’s standards) and he was beginning to feel pretty left out in his 30’s and still unmarried.  I actually met this gal and that’s what makes me so excited for him!!

6. I am so excited that I have lost 8 pounds in the last 2 months.  I hate giving up my potatoes and my bacon, but it is better for me in the long run.  The weight loss is a great thing and helps keep me motivated.

5. I am so excited that in 5 weeks I will be rolling to my home state for a whole week of Iowa fun and family.  I love going home!!

4. I am so excited to have 5 children that all sleep through the night!!!  Nuff said.

3. I am very excited that a dear friend of mine is finally moving back to the states and to my east coast!!!  Sure she will be 3 states away, but we won’t have time issues for phone calls!!!  Golly I can’t wait!!  Thank you big Army for bringing Andrea stateside again!!

2. I am very excited about being my son’s wolf scout leader this year.  He is excited about it, and that bleeds over into me 😉  Thanks Joshy for finding it a joy to have me around for even more hours in the day!

1. I am so excited to have a hubby who loves me.  That is a wonderful treasure in these trying times.  I can be challenging and he has stuck by me for almost 15 years, thanks baby!!