We made it!  We have had one of those weeks, I tell ya.  You know, the one where you asked if it would ever end.  The one where you wanted to be curled up in bed with the house silent??  Or the one where you dreamed you were actually on that deserted island all alone??

I started this week battling a migraine.  So Monday and Tuesday was spent… well, the kids survived right?  I think my wonderful 10yr old did lunch and my 8yr old got videos cued for the younger kids.  My dog was always nearby and my hubby came home early both days.  It was foggy for me.

This week in TOG we studied Ancient Mesopotamia.  There is a pretty decent video lesson on the area by .  I don’t know much at all about this area except for what I have read in the OT.  I now know that the Sumerians were the first people group.  They had towers built for their gods called ziggurats and many scholars believe that the Tower of Babel found in Genesis may have begun looking this.

Also we learned this week that when a person would make a sacrifice to the gods, they would leave a votive statue behind.  You could purchase such a thing at the temple and have the artisan make it look just like you! This way the gods would remember who made what sacrifice.

On Thursdays we host a coop here at the house with another family.  My friend has been teaching our kids about writing using the Institute for Excellence in Writing.  I am enjoying hearing the kids expand their writing styles!  It’s amazing!!  The kids even wrote little books and a thank you note (all on their own free time) using these theories.  I just love seeing that happen!!!  It makes the rough days totally worth it!!

Last week ended on a very busy note and I just didn’t get linked in at all.  If you want to check out the weekly wrap-up that didn’t get linked in, click here.