If you enjoy visuals for your kids with history, I have a delightful suggestion for the cotton mills of the industrial revolution.

North & South is a delightful, clean, movie delving into the Industrial Revolution in northern England.  Margaret’s father leaves his parish, moving his small family north to the industrial town of Milton.  There they cross paths with owners and workers in the cotton mills.  The beginning of episode 2 has the great scenes depicting life and work inside these mills.  The producers did a great job of catching working conditions and child labor issues.  Should you have older children, this is a very clean depiction of the beginning of the Union movement among factory workers and the repercussions of the early striking.  I feel it does a good job of not vilifying either side, but expressing the good and bad of both sides of the issue.

I highly recommend this video for homeschoolers.  It is currently an ‘instant streaming’ video within Netflix.