We are doing summer school, as some of you already know, but this week has been anything but orderly.  I think we have done 2 ‘full days of school’ if you clump all the moments together.  We had play dates, cleaning, GI party, the excitement of guests, and the normal chaos parenting a 4yr old that enjoys being a challenge.

I know he doesn’t look harmless, but the baby, the dog, the older siblings, and the little neighbor girl would all agree with you.  Does anyone else have a challenging child?  What sort of tactics work best for him/her?  We are fairly strict… but I am ready for alternative things that will help to reinforce good behavior while trying to mold this strong personality into a positive thing.   He starts preschool this fall and I am hoping having him ‘involved’ will help him feel a part of the team.

I am so excited, I won my Latin curriculum on eBay this week CHEAP!!!  We are going to ‘cut our teeth’ on Prima Latina.  I want to see how it goes and I want to go with something fairly simple.  I have some challenging personalities (ok, stubborn, and YES I know where they go it 😉 so I didn’t want to hamstring us.

I love having people over.  First, I just love to hostess and cook for folks.  It gives me another outlet for my energy levels.  But secondly, it gives me a reason to GI the house.  (military term: GI, general issue, or a good deep cleaning).  So we pulled out the bleach, the funky purple gloves, the brushes… we even dove under beds and retrieved all manner of things.  We have vacuumed closets here, you read that right, vacuumed closets!!!  Wow.

When do you all plan to start school?  We should be done with summer stuff 2nd week of August.  I want to dive right into our next school year.  I have heard that TOG takes a few weeks to adapt to, and I want to slowly work into our new method.  That way we all continue to love school and NOT consider it a burden.