I use BJU a lot in my homeschool. The teacher’s books are instructive, in fact, they are the best when you are starting out and really want the ‘lines’ for what you say when you are teaching a subject! Each Teacher’s Edition (TE) gives detailed instructions for lessons, layout, and goals for the course. In the back of each TE you will find additional pages for copying to help with lessons and hammer home the facts of each lesson.

I use their english curriculum exclusively. Not only do their lessons have creativity while sticking to good English grammar, but they also have embedded Bible Action Truths. These truths are based on character building from a Biblical perspective. For instance, within the BAT of ‘love’ there are sub headings like giving. Biblical giving is found in these passages of scripture, 1,2,3. Delightful!!

BJU also has a distance learning center online as well as testing for your annual exam requirements.  They have a new website for homeschoolers.  They offer seminars to enhance your HS classroom and grow as a teacher.